Frequently Asked Questions


Can I conduct research at RWF?


We try to host as much valuable scientific field research and survey as we can accommodate by qualified researchers. We consider that a core component of our mission. If you are interested in using RWF as a field site for any of the natural sciences, please contact us, describing your goals and methods, to discuss the possibilities.


Can I come hike, fish, or hunt at RWF?


Sorry, no. We are not a public park and are not open to the public for recreation. We try to limit unnecessary human intrusions as much as we can to optimize conditions for wildlife.


Can I bring injured, nuisance, or abandoned baby animals to RWF?


Please do not. We do not rehab or raise animals. If you’ve found an injured animal you may want to locate a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Nuisance animals or pets should not be released at RWF either. Our local populations could suffer from introduced disease or unnatural competition. If you have found a baby bird or mammal that has been seemingly abandoned the best course is usually to leave it alone. Chances are the mother is still around and this is a natural part of leaving the nest or growing up. Very young birds may have fallen from the nest. If possible and safe and you know where it fell from, you may consider putting it back in its nest. The mother will not abandon it for smelling of human contact.


Are there employment opportunities for me at RWF?


We are a small staff and rarely have an open position. If you are a college student in a Conservation Biology or related field and are looking for an internship we may have an upcoming position open. Contact us to inquire by email with a brief letter of interest and personal goals, a resume, etc.


Does RWF host school groups?


Yes, whenever possible. We do not have staff specifically dedicated to leading educational groups but we encourage teacher-guided outings and at times we can make staff members available for presentations or guided hikes. If you are an educator please contact us to discuss what may be possible.


Are there opportunities to volunteer to assist with habitat projects at RWF?


Yes! We can always use a hand fighting invasive plants and collecting native plant seed to use in habitat restorations. The work is generally physical. If you’d like to be involved in either of those ongoing projects or have particular expertise you think might be valuable to us please contact us by email to introduce yourself and let us know what you might be interested in.

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